I just upgraded and nothing works

I have been a long-time user of Garage sale. My previous version was 6.9.8 and it worked perfectly. Until ebay started requiring HTTPS. I can’t figure out what in my auctions is not in compliance with the SSL requirements ebay has as my images were all ebay-hosted and I don’t have any info in my postings self-hosted (that I’m aware of). There should be no reason I’m having a problem with the HTTPS/security of my listings… but I cannot get my listings posted with no errors from ebay using Garage Sale version 6.9.8.

So I upgraded to garage sale version 7.0.9 just 8 weeks or so ago because I read that this version cared for all the new ebay requirements.

I have about 80 auctions that are now in the new garage sale version, and I’m trying to upload them to ebay and I cannot get anything to upload. I keep getting errors on payment profile, shipping profile, returns profile. I set a default profile for each area, and tried to upload and I keep getting errors. I got an error I needed to opt in. I opted in. Still getting errors.

Why can’t this friggin software upload anything to ebay successfully??? WTF? I’m beyond annoyed. This version is not simpler or faster, I’ve wasted more time trying to get the3se auctions to list.

I’ve emailed iwascoding help - got no response at all.

WTF do I have to do to publish a simple listing with this software?

So when I try to select a “shipping profile” I find it hard to believe, that for every friggin auction, I have to scroll through a cryptic list of shipping options that combines both domestic and international into one cryptic line. Like “Calculated:USPS Parcel Se/Calculated:USPSPFir#0”


What am I doing wrong, or why is this so screwed up? Picking a shipping method should not be hard. I always ship parcel post for domestic and the actual shipping is based on weight. For international I always use USPS first class mail as long as the weight limited is not exceeded. So how do I make this work???

Can you post a screenshot of the error message you are getting when trying to upload? Press Cmd-shift-3 for full size screenshot, cmd-shift-4 for partial screenshots. Look for a screenshot file on your Desktop after you heard the camera shutter noise.

@katine keep calm and check ebay site. Under account settings (top left corner, where you see your avatar) > move mouse over “account” > a scrolling list will pop-up > click over “business policies”. Here you find those “policies” that had strange names (and I guess it is the reason of your GS troubles). Here you can see 3 different kind of policies: shippings, returns and payments. Those “strange” policies have been automatically created by ebay and are actually a mess. Delete them and all (make sure they are not used by active listings) and spent a little time to create new ones. Then, after done this, open GS and refresh policies list (for return, payment and shipping). After updating those lists, you should see the newly created. Make sure that before starting a listing you selected ALL 3 policies (shipping/return/payment) and NOT only one of this. I hope it will solve the matter, if you want to investigate more: https://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/sell/business-policies.html

Thanks for the quick reply. I did go digging into ebay and yes, it’s all a mess, there must be 200 shipping policies, all cryptic. But I just listed a bunch of stuff using GS classic since it’s holiday time I needed to get them out. I will wait until they end and delete all the shipping policies and create a new one. Sounds like ebay screwed this up royally, along with the SSL requirement… not great for ebay with the likes of amazon, shopify, etsy all taking market share quickly!!! thanks again.

Welcome! If you pay attention, in the mess you will see that each policy shows (right side) the number of active listings that are using that policy. I guess only a few will be used and so you can delete all others (don’t worry to make mistakes, ebay prevents you to delete policies which are used by active listings).

So where you able to list with GS 7?

Wait! If you want to use policies, you have to delete and create new also for return and payment. In my opinion this method is very useful and time saving. Make sure that in GS 7 you select profiles also for returns and payment. If you selected only one (=shipping), ebay does not accept it and you won’t be able to list with GS!

I’m now ready to do murder. I manually ended all my auctions so I could fix them and relist them using GS 7. That took about an hour (note, they all SUCCESSFULLY listed using Garage Sale Classic, so it’s NOT an ebay problem).

I deleted all the Profiles in ebay and created new ones. Simple ones.
I modified every single auction in GS 7 to select the correct profile (I have only 1 for each: payment and returns, and only 2 for shipping).
And yet STILL these auctions will not upload.
These error messages make no sense: “Paypal payment method added because you have set your preference to offer PayPal as a payment method” WTF does that mean? I know I set preference to be PayPal, I set the payment profile to be pay pal. Everyhing says paypal… so why the error and how to fix it?
The new GS7 is also forcing me to add product detail that doesn’t need to be added. If I’m adding options like “Brand – unbranded” it’s not helpful - why is this software forcing selection of detail that I am purposely leaving off? Classic version of this software doesn’t do this, and again, I listed all this shit earlier today with the old version of Garage Sale and it uploaded just fine, so it’s NOT eBay.

Sorry for the rant, but I don’t have 10 hours to futz around with this software and “coax” it into working.

Uhm @katine , maybe I am wrong, but this does not look as real error, just sort of advice. Are you sure the button “start” does not work? Can you make a screen of the compete launch control?

In fact, “PayPal” is not an error, just says you added paypal to your payment method. The second one, the product details, says “should”, so it does not force you to add. Did you click the start button :thinking:?

I finally got this all to work, finally got my auctions sucessfully posted to ebay via GW 7. Thank you, Fedege96 for your help!

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Welcome :slight_smile:!

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