I need my same template for GS TOUCH too!

So I use the template PRO: HEADER for my listings and I need to be able to keep this consistent across my auctions/BIN’s, but I don’t see that template anywhere within GS TOUCH, nor do I see it anywhere in the additional templates you can purchase within GS TOUCH.

What gives? Why isn’t GS TOUCH loaded with the same templates as Garage Sale for MAC? That doesn’t make sense. Regardless of the platform I am using to list, I need to keep them consistent and am finding it very difficult to do so… even after purchasing both the desktop and iPhone software.

This is a ridiculously simple thing to fix in the app, please consider it ASAP.

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a way I can accomplish this, please let me know. I am familiar with HTML/CSS, but uncertain if we have the ability to import custom templates into GS TOUCH.


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