Image Resize to 500px

Can an option be added to the image editor to resize an image?

I would still love this option to be added to the latest version…

Why do you need this feature? GarageSale automatically resizes your images on upload.

I create my auctions via CheckoutApp -> Shopify -> OpenInkfrog -> eBay import into GarageSale and make look pretty.

The first 4 steps above are automatic (Once I create the product in Checkout)

The issue is somewhere the photo maybe lowered in size and when I update via GarageSale
is will fail as the photo does not meet eBay standards.
Would be great to have a resize option in GarageSale for this point…

Have you tried importing one of your listings with the current Beta version (beta 31 is current right now). It imports bigger images, so the changing the image size should no longer be necessary.