Image Upload Failed Wrong Response ((null))

Today is the first time that I have used GarageSale in a few months. When attempting to start a listing I am receiving this error when selecting GarageSale’s free picture service in GarageSale’s preferences.

If I select eBay’s Picture Service (EPS), the listing proceeds as usual. What’s going on with with this error? I used to be able to use the image hosting perfectly fine.

Maybe that was just a temporary issue - is it working now?

If not, is there something special about the images you added? (format, size, meta data)

Regards, Kristian

No, still not working. And there was nothing unusual with the pictures. If there were, I would have thought that ebay’s servers would not have accepted them.

Which macOS and GarageSale version do you use?

OS is 10.15.6 and GarageSale is 7.0.20


this is a really old version of GarageSale. You should try using the current version (8.4) or the latest release of GarageSale 7 (7.0.21), which is no longer supported unfortunately.


I understand, but I’m on a fixed budget currently, and was trying to survive without paying to upgrade to 8.x. Currently, I do not list a ton of things on ebay, maybe 1 or 2 a month.

Where can I download 7.0.21?

The latest and reportedly last update is GarageSale 7.0.21. (Likely to break by ebay in january.) Go to GarageSale - Make your business on eBay and find 7.0.21 on the lower right under older versions, and download the latest update

Thank you very much!

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