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I’ve been using GarageSale for the last several weeks and am slowly trying to shift completely away from listing through the eBay site.

One problem that I am having is that even though I’ve deselected the "include image gallery in listing description, it adds all of the images into the description.

So once I list, I need race over to eBay, open the listing, and deleted the images out of the listing. I’m unsure if it is leaving unnecessary code in the listing as well.

Please advise - thanks!

I may have figured this out - I was using an active listing, which for some reason adds the images in the description on the listing on GarageSale, even though they aren’t on it on the live eBay listing. So it was overriding the deselection of the 'include image gallery…"

Is there are reason all of the listings on GarageSale do that (show the photos in the description)?

if you want to not show images in description, you have to select “no images” in design window. Select a design (if you are using one) and select “no images” in right hand panel.

Hi Karcher,

if you don’t have one of GarageSale’s listing designs selected, GarageSale will automatically add all your images below the item description. So far the only way around this is to use one of the listing designs (they come with a “No Images” layout option). There’s also a “No Design” listing design available which uses no background images or styling but still comes with all the layout options. (And also uses the meta tag you mention in your other post!)

Hope this helps,

Thanks, @fedege96 and @kristian - I hadn’t even paid attention to the GarageSale listing designs because I know eBay is going away from that, but didn’t even consider that there was a “no design” listing design available.

Glad I asked! Now my workflow will be much better. Appreciate the help!

I use the “Empty” design. Which has NO Title, and NO Photos.
Only the EXACT text that I put into the Listing Description:
This is Brand New Never Used. It is in New/Excellent condition. See photos of actual item. What You See Is What You Get.

textblocks.Description_Header = '<style>img{max-width:100%}</style><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">'
textblocks.Description_Footer = '<br><br>'

This shows up well on mobile devices also.


[quote=“karcher, post:5, topic:4417”]
I know eBay is going away from that


I had heard discussions that with eBay’s push for mobile-friendly listings users were being encouraged to use the photo section for photos and not include them in the descriptions as it slows the load time for the listing.

I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but I prefer the descriptions without them anyway, so I figured I’d shoot for that just in case.

I would like to use that as I do not want the title in the description either. I’ll give that a whirl. Thanks, Neal


Here is the Empty.designTemplate.

It goes into the Library/Application Support/GarageSale/DesignTemplates folder.
Unless there is a better place for User DesignTemplates???

I believe I got it from either Kristian or Paul on this forum. Any Comments???

Neal (2.2 KB)

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