Images disappearing after relisting

Hi. I listed a number of items a few months ago with the images hosted by GS.

Yesterday I relisted them. I renewed my GS image hosting subscription beforehand.

I have just noticed that my relisting is only showing the primary image. All secondary images have been deleted and only show the ‘missing picture’ icon. Example here

Did I do something wrong? How do I reinstate the missing images?


Hi Nick,

I just checked your listing:
That listing was initially started in June with GarageSale 7.0.16 and the images were uploaded to the free GarageSale’s image service. They no longer exist on the server and that’s why they don’t appear in your listing.

To fix your listing it should help to do an entire revise from within GarageSale:
You maybe have to remove and then re-add the images in your listing first.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian


Can you explain why they no longer exist on the server?

How do I stop this happening again?


You started the listing in June so the images were uploaded in June. That’s more than 60 days ago.
If you use GarageSale’s free image service the images are stored for 60 days on the servers. If you make use of GarageSale’s free picture service and want to relist your listing, make sure to use GarageSale built-in relist function. If you relist through the eBay web form, there’s no way for GarageSale to notice and prolong the picture life time.

This issues might also be caused by eBay’s switch to the “Good Til Canceled” duration option for fixed-price items some months ago.

Regards, Kristian

OK thanks.

Just to clarify…as long as I have a PAID subscription to GS image hosting, all the pictures will remain on the server, even if I take a three month gap before relisting.

Have I got that right?

Hi Nick,

as long as you have (re-)listed the GTC listing with GarageSale and have purchased the GTC option, the image will remain on the server.

But you have to relist or revise old listings that eBay migrated to GTC, as those does not contain “paid” images and these images will be deleted from the server as Kristian stated.

An image from the paid server will be deleted after the last listing that points to the image ended more that 60 days ago. But GarageSale does know that (and, additionally check if the image is still available) and will re-upload a new image if you (re-)list an item pointing to a (now deleted) image.


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