Images Move Outside of the template ONLY with a Footer Selected / Image Down

I am using the (Shining Black Template) With the “images down” setting, it then puts my images under my listing description nicely as Expected. No problem right? BUT, Then I put in my (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) in the FOOTER settings in the preferences, and the images move completely outside of the template and underneath it…, and the footer appears inside of the template but now above the images. It isn’t even a footer anymore, and the images aren’t inside the template at all anymore. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you for any help!

What version of GarageSale are you using?

Is the problem going away, if you briefly change to GarageSale’s default footer?

Thank you for the reply!

I upgraded to the Pro version via the annual subscription. it is version 8.0.2, and I am trying to use the GS free picture service and the drag and drop template.

I just switched to the default footer (LISTED WITH GARAGE SALE ON AN MAC) as you requested, and then it puts the footer AND the images inside of the template, but the footer is still above the photos…

Any news here? I am waiting to list auctions until we resolve this so I can keep my listings continuity… I am using this GS PRO version and the photo service that is included in the annual fee, as it should be a simple thing I am doing wrong??.. Just need the footer the bottom and the description at the top with the photos dropped in between, all centered on the page. Please get back asap, awaiting a reply. Thank You!

Sorry, when using the “Images Down” layout, the images will always appear below the footer. I just verified with GarageSale 7, that this behaviour hasn’t changed with GarageSale 8.

My suggestion for now would be do use a different layout, which places your images above the description, e.g. Hover Gallery, so the footer with your terms is always at the very end of the auction.

You request for having a layout that places the image above the footer is a valid one, but that would require changes to the our designs, which would take some amount of time.

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Can you put that on the next update request? I would really like to be able to use that format as it works with what we do. You are correct, as I recall It has never worked properly, so I used and outside website to host my pictures so I can use my own simple html layout as described, and every time there is an update I hope that it got fixed. With the new “PRO” Now I’m paying a good annual fee, hoped it would be all working (and truly it should be fixed). Just want the footer to be a footer. It may not be a priority for GS, but it is for me. Thanks for the work you all do at GS. It really is a great software. Sincerely, Richard

I added your request to our TODO list.

Thank you, I very much appreciate that!

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