Images not showing up within templates

I’m using GS version 8.3.6 (1292) on Big Sur. Some of my eBay listings have broken image links (blue box with a ?) within the GS template, but show up in the eBay thumbnail and below the GS template. I’m using the eBay EPS and have both Images boxes checked under GS Preferences Advanced. To make this more complicated, not every listing is affected. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

Did you maybe relist the affected listing through the eBay website and not from within GarageSale?

Also, can you post a link to one of the affected listing, please?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian! I think the issue is sorted. When our HD crashed we lost all of our GS listings and imported them from eBay. The listings that are affected used Garage Sale’s picture service (checked the html) not eBay’s EPS. I’m sure once we end the auction and resist them the problem will be solved. Stay tuned! As always, thank you for the stellar support! :slight_smile:

If these are listings imported from eBay and if they included “hard-coded” image URLs inside the item description in Editor mode, you probably need to remove these URLs from there or re-do your item description completely:

Copy the whole text from the item description in Preview mode, switch to Editor mode, clear the item description field there and paste in the copied text. If you then switch back to Preview mode you can add new images and select a design as usual. You also have to re-do the text formatting though.

Regards, Kristian

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