Import from GS 6 gives no images

I have some old listings in my GS 6 version, and I exported them so that I could import them into 7.0.14. However, the listing images did not get imported.

How big are the exported files. Just a few KBs, are big enough that the images might be in there (> 1 MB)?

9,467,448 bytes (9.5 MB on disk)

5,610,062 bytes (5.6 MB on disk) & 5,696,321 bytes (5.7 MB on disk)

Any chance you send us an example GS 6 listing via DropBox or e-mail to

I have sent an email with the gs 6 export

did you get the file?


yes, already tested and fixed the issue. Can you try the following version and tell me whether it’s fixed for you other exported files, too?


Thanks, that fixed it :grinning:

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