Import From My eBay Listing Problem #1 - Design Properties Missing

I’ve been having a couple of issues with the imported listings function of GS that hopefully someone can help me resolve please:

After posting a listing on eBay from one Mac using GS and subsequently importing into a secondary Mac using GS, we discovered that the design properties are missing; however, the template design appears as it should. But, if I replace that template with another template, the background becomes jumbled and even when reverting back to the original template design, it remains jumbled.

Counterintuitively, what resolves this problem is to uncheck the “Don’t use a design” parameter setting at the bottom of the DESIGNS frame and the design reverts to the original design. Normally, if this box is unchecked, no designs would be appear in the listing.

There is another work around which is to use the “Remove design from description” parameter at the bottom of the Import frame, before I import the listing. After importation, I can then apply a template design before I relist the item.

I am trying to understand how to make all my listings, be they imported to or created on the same Mac, conform to the parameters as expected because I need to be able to move my eBay ads/listings/templates between computers in the future with consistency and confidence - particularly if I’m traveling with a laptop.

Note to self when importing listings:

  1. do NOT check parameter: ‘Download listing images’ or your pictures will appear in duplicate.
  2. DO check parameter: “Remove design from description” and then be prepared re-apply the listing design when re-listing each item, which GS makes easy to apply in bulk.

Unfortunately this is the expected behavior. Design and design properties are GarageSale specific features, the eBay system doesn’t know about. When uploading a listing, GarageSales takes your selected design and design properties and creates an HTML description from it.

So, when another GarageSale instance on another Mac imports back that HTML description, it only seems a complete description string, but does not know what specific design or properties were used to create it.

Hope this explanation helps a little in understanding the issue.

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Yes, this explanation is very helpful, thanks as always Ilja!

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