Imported listings from Ebay to GS7 but does not import the GS6 design properties

Imported my listings from Ebay into GS7 and the GS design (sophisticated blue) is not showing in the design properties panel even though the design (sophisticated blue) is showing correctly in the listing. The designs panel shows "Don’t use design’ ticked. When I tick sophisticated blue in the designs panel it creates an HTML layout within the existing one thus duplicating all the information. Anyone found a fix for this?

I am not sure if I can follow you.
Could you desrcibe this with one or more screenshots so we can see what you see?

GarageSale 7 does import the design property settings.

Regards, Kristian

I replied to your support request.
You’re using a listing imported from eBay.
If you switch to Editor mode you can see that it contains the code for the whole item description, including design and image URLs.
I recommended to re-make the item descripting. After selecting a design the design properties will be available.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Many thanks for your reply. Are you suggesting that I remake all 1500 listings? That is a lot of work.

If importing a listing into GS7 from Ebay means the design (sophisticated blue) is not imported correctly at the same time - then is there another way? Would it work if I imported my listings from my GS6 into GS7 rather than Ebay?

Basically I expected to be able to import my current listings into GS7 without having to re do them all!

And I assume sophisticated blue theme as it is GS theme is compatible with GS7?


Yes. Importing from eBay is meant only as a last resort, when you lost data on your Mac, or are migrating from another service. Please use the export command in GS 6 to import your listings into GS 7.

Thanks Ilja - that works.

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