Importing from eBay image hosting problems

So, I noticed I was missing a listing on GarageSale that was in my Ebay store. I used the import function to grab back the listing into GarageSale. I made some corrections to the listing and “revised” the listing.
Checked it with the bay editor and low and behold all the images I had placed in the template are now being hosted on Ebay’s image service not my own? My preferences had not changed.
What happened?

Perhaps the “Also upload to eBay’s image server, if free” option is checked in Preferences > eBay > eBay Images?

If checked, GarageSale will also upload your images to eBay. This way sellers using eBay’s mobile client will see all images immediately and don’t have to click on the “View Full Description” thing first, where they see the bigger images uploaded to our server.

GarageSale doesn’t change the image URL when you import listings from eBay. These eBay image URL a must already have been in the listing you imported!

Regards, Kristian

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