Importing from My eBay

I’m having a very rough week. My hard drive failed, and my backup company is apparently not the good service I thought it was.

So, I’m manually restoring stuff.

Here’s my GarageSale problem:

I used the “Import from My eBay” feature to retrieve my templates, and that worked almost okay. I can see them, but it appears I cannot switch or add photographs, nor can change such things as the positions of the photos on a template.

Looking at Templates -> Listing Design, i see no design is chosen, and when I add that to the existing template which has been imported, it bumps what I have to the bottom and is, essentially, a blank template on top, and the imported section at the bottom.

I’m sure that there is something I’m doing wrong, but I can’t figure out what it is. I have about 200 templates to put back together and my frustration level is through the roof.


Hi Michelle,

auction templates imported through the “import from My eBay” command include the pure source code of your item description (You can see it in Editor mode). That’s why you can’t easily select another design or edit the included photos.

The only workaround is to clean the description field in Editor mode and create them item description from scratch.

Regards, Kristian


Thanks. I guess my listings could afford a clean copy.