Importing in bulk from "cvs"

I have 4000 items I sell on Amazon (books) and I would like to list them on eBay. Is there a way I can import the products into GarageSale and from GarageSale list the products (books) on eBay ?

I tried to import it via the “inventory section” > “import inventory items” but they don’t show up in my listing section nor inventory section.

What am I doing wrong ?

You can import listings into GarageSale in either eBay’s TurboLister CSV format (there are several flavours and we don’t support all), or GarageSale’s custom XML format documented here:

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Tnx for yr reply. But it will not help as I am totally unknown how to handle this. So I guess I will have to close my account.

Can you extract a CSV list from Amazon which contains info about your listed inventory?

Yes. i suppose it is the “open listing report” that you request?

If you could send us such an example file, we could evaluate if it’s feasible to make GarageSale import that format.

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