Importing Inventory in v7.04

in v7.04. manual says import using csv in utc-8. (Inventory)

  1. On a mac, the most common of all apps is Excel. Why not just import from excel?

  2. My Excel v 2013, v2011, then I went to v2004 and even an OS9 (yes I still have a Mac running that for a legacy program) v 98, and none will convert utc-8. What!!! All do csv in 3 types, and a few do utc-16.

  3. So on to the web - another 45 minutes of crazy suggestions. First become a programmer, and understand the terminal, and coding, stand on head, blow nose… What. I want to import a SIMPLE FILE.

  4. After a few beers, and a smoke, I took out “Mac Excel” from my google search, and just entered “Mac utc-8” and found that mac NUMBERS will do the trick. Hooray !!!.

  5. Imported my excel doc to Numbers, then export, and wow, under csv, there is utc-8. Almost there.

  6. YIKES - when importing to GS, I get the message

Could not import all listings from TurboLister file at /Users/mycomputer/Desktop/Workbook2sss.csv

HELP !!!

And as an aside, could the braintrust at GS, explain in there manual how do import in a few words.

We are ebay sellers. NOT Coders

Success - I had one of the Titles misspelled.

But still, Fix the Manual to give Mac Uses a Clue on NUMBERS

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