Importing items from Ebay

Does anyone know if the import from Ebay function imports LIVE, SOLD, or UNSOLD items OR a combination of these RO all three?

Click the gear icon in the lower left of the pop up window that shows when you select ‘Import from Ebay’. There you can fine tune what gets uploaded.

Thanks Steve
Next time I will remember to set the 'Date Orders and Listings" to NEVER in Preferences. Not doing so slowed it down considerably.

And another problem I have found. After importing, Ebay/GS has done something to the listing which makes it unusable. Each image has been duplicates.
The first image has no remove button (-). The second does but it is outside of my listing page. I can remove it but it leaves one undeletable image on the page.

Anyone gat any ideas.

It is a listing that you imported by using the “Import from My eBay” function. If you switch to Editor mode you can see that it contains the code for the whole item description, including design and image URLs.

If you import a listing from “My eBay” the whole source code of the item description gets downloaded. This includes the code for the listing design and the embded images (image URLs). GarageSale is unable to “unmangle” design resources and images embedded into the description.

You might want to clean it up:

  1. in Preview mode copy the whole text from the item description (cmd-a, cmd-c)

  2. switch to Editor mode, clear/delete the item description field there.

  3. Paste in the previously in step #1 copied text (cmd-v).

  4. switch back to Preview mode. You can format your item description text here and also add images and select a design as usual.

This will generate clean content and use the latest design version and images.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian

I am sure you are correct but I have 100s of listings that disappeared some time last month. Sadly my back up drive shat itself at the weekend although I may be able to get the database back from it - slowly. Sadly the drive hangs when copying over 4048 files. Hmm. Sounds very binary.
I now have two brand new back up drives. Such fun.

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