Inacurate final fees

Hello, I’m new here and on eBay so please exuse me if my questions have been beaten too death here before.

  1. I’m testing the free version of Garagesale and I have noticed that eBay final fees don’t include VAT which (at least in the UK) leads to wrong profit calculations (I’m not VAT registered). Is there a way around it?

  2. The ebay fees are smaller fro shop owners : e.g. digital cameras 5%, £20 max. Does Garagesale takes that into consideration or the fees are imported from eBay?

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Also, I’ve just noticed that the shipping cost paid by buyers are ignored in reports (at least in listings imported from ebay).


Hi Mariusz,

I also replied to your request through the support system.

The issues you discoverd are well-known issues with the eBay system, unfortunately.
Both fees are generated and provided by the eBay system. And often these fees aren’t acurate.

As a general rule, you should always get the same price as when listing with GarageSale as with eBay’s website, unless there’s a special promotion going on that specifically excludes third-party tools.

Regards, Kristian

Hello again,

I’m just thinking, if you are not able to make eBay produce the correct figures perhaps it would be worth implementing an algholritm that would correct them automaticly or giving the more savvy users the facility to correct it themselves by adding e.g. the simple *1.2 factor for adding VAT?

Garagesales is a great piece of software but unfortunately it is not usable to the full potential and a few corrections (making it more flexible) would perhaps make all it’s features actually usefull.

Kind regards,

Mariusz Michalski

There’s no way we can implement such a feature, for the about 20 different ebay site we support:

  • each site has its own set of rules for private and business sellers
  • there are short-lived promotions, which we don’t know about
  • eBay’s API might not give us all the information eBay has about your account to establish whether or not your account is eligible for a certain promotion

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