Insert "variable text field" (like footer) to description of all listings? (now really RESOLVED)

I have a big chunk of text in my listings that is identical in all of them, basically like a disclaimer with terms and conditions that i need to update from time to time (since some buyers are very “creative” and i want to be prepared for every excuse they have by giving relevant terms for every sale).

Is it possible to insert a “variable text field” to the description of all listings that can be updated when changing the source for it, so it changes in all listings without having to copy that text or HTML code the variable refers to to every single listing?

Like a text snippet i can insert once by its variable name, then change as needed.

Is the “Footer” in GS preferences suitable for this? Does it update when changing the footer and then revising listings?

Got it, the footer is suitable for this.

Are you aware of the “Show Text Snippets” command under the Window menu???

This is what I use for this exact purpose, and it works great!


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I was most certainly not aware of that. Is this new? I never noticed the yellow orb down there.

Thank you so much!!! You totally made my day!

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