Interface optimization?

i think design button in the center of toolbar is not worth such attention. nobody changes design every day. but revise listings option (one of the most usable feature) is hidden in drop-down menus.

when using profiles for listings it will be better to see the name of used profile instead of just “Use shipping profile” string (or return profile). to prevent for checking each time what profile used for each listing.

Absolutely true, it is some weeks I have it in mind…

Isn’t this exactly what we show in the inspector? Where do you see the “Use shipping profile” string?

to the right of the main image. below the price and variations

Ah, OK, in the preview. We will look what we can do to show it there, too. But until then you maybe able to look into the inspector instead opening the popup.

Yes, I notice it but it is cut (I can’t see the complete profile title).

We added a tooltip for long profile names.

What is that exactly?

i had to move mouse there (again mouse!) and wait for that tooltip to pop-up? GS made for things to be faster than ebay web-interface. this means than GS interface (main things of course. and shipping profile is extremely important thing) must be readable immediately without clicks or tooltips.