Interval function in scheduler VERY unreliable

The interval scheduler is really messing up my listings. I schedule my auctions for 5 minute intervals. They launch in random groups, some three at time, tonight five launched at once. This has happened ever since I upgraded from GarageSale classic. It is very frustrating because there is no time for buyers to go from one auction to the next, then there is a 30 minute space with nothing launching. How do I fix this. The event only contained 18 items. I may have to resort to scheduling 18 separate events five minutes apart. Don’t know if that would even work. Please help.

Any suggestions for this problem? Today I will create 20 separate events and hope they launch correctly. I really used to rely on the interval function ing GarageSale Classic. I’d still use it, but it keeps crashing.

I created 18 separate events and scheduled them five minutes apart. I did this because the interval scheduler was not working correctly and was launching groups of three or four listings at once even though I had selected five minute intervals. The 18 separate events did the same thing. I don’t want several listings launching at the same time. If I can’t get them spaced like they are scheduled I will have to find a better program to use. I’m really frustrated. All my data and descriptions are in this program and it will be a a lot of work too change. What can I do?

Hi Cathy,

its hard to tell, what causes the delay in launching the listing. Most likely some of the launches last very long and others not. How do you upload images? Maybe you can upload the images before the launch and simply add URLs to the listings?

Another reason can be that GarageSale is busy doing other stuff, e.g. update orders, download messages etc. Do you have many orders/messages/active listings (several thousands)?

Additional you may need a faster internet connection (uploads/downloads of data from eBay) and a faster Mac?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the suggestions. I only list 18 to 20 items once a week so I don’t think its a quantity issue. The listings contain about 8 pictures each. I have internet from Spectrum, I will check the speed. I do have several wireless devices, do you think that if I took them off line during the launch period that would help? The odd thing is that I never had this problem with GarageSale Classic, the problem with that was that it kept crashing.

Here is on thing that you could do to help us diagnose the problem:

The next time you want to list several items, please create a single scheduler event with the 5 minutes delay for these items. When it’s time for GarageSale to start listing these listings, please open and watch the “Activity Viewer” from the “Windows” menu. You should see how GarageSale uploads each image and afterwards launches the listing in that window.

Maybe there are other operations show in the “Activity Window” that delay the listing of the auction on eBay?

Thanks for the suggestions. My auctions launched perfectly tonight. I took all my wireless devices off line except one iPad and it solved the problem. I must have overloaded my connection with the uploads. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think of that sooner. Thanks again for the help.

Glad to hear that the scheduler worked for you, but unless your have a very slow internet connection, I doubt that the scheduled auction are delayed by your other devices on the same wifi.

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