Ipad created listings import to mac

I have just gotten a new ipad and have created a few listings there with the Garage Sale App that I purchased. I have been using Garage Sale on my Mac to date. How do I import the templates to my mac, is there a way to synchronize listings created on my iPad to garage sale on my lap book?

Hi Cathy,

you can use the Auction Sharing feature for that.
Please see the entry “How does the sharing feature work?” in the FAQs here:


Regards, Kristian

I purchased GTC picture pack and on the 6.9 version, it says that I have until August 17th. On the newer version which I also have (7) it says that I do not have GTC picture purchased. I am thinking this is why all my pictures are disappearing! I thought that the GTC would be transferred over with the newer version, please advise

Hi cathyn518,

please contact the GarageSale support for further instructions.


Regards, Kristian