Is GarageSale Deciding My Categories? Or Is It eBay?

I am trying to upload a 100 year old book to eBay’s BOOKS → ANTIQUARIAN & COLLECTIBLE category.

But GarageSale is giving me an orange triangle with an exclamation point and this message: This product belongs to a different category, so the category has been changed.

Beneath that is a red triangle with an exclamation point with this message: Item condition required. Condition is required for this category.

Well, it’s NOT required in the Antiquarian category, where it belongs.

So is this GS or eBay refusing to allow me to post it?

If it is GS, how do I override this decision? I have changed the title to at least 12 different iterations trying to get my point across that it’s a very old book.

Hi - I think the message is from eBay, and it could also be something in the description that is making eBay think it’s something it is not.


Hello @michelle, are you sure that antique books concern such “recent” items? I cannot sell antique (real antique) books abroad so I don’t know how it really works on other eBay markets, but if the date 1916 is also specified in specifics of the listing it may cause the problem… in general post-900 books should go in other categories (at least on .it), but I have never seen eBay automatically changing the category.
Concerning item condition, in my opinion this is the matter: eBay for some reason switched your listing to modern book where you need to say if it is new or used… but actually you did not it because ancient books don’t need it at all. Check items specifics!

This is an eBay bug you are running into. We reported this to eBay a while bug, but it seems it isn’t fixed yet.

eBay has decided to move your listing to another category (but it’s not telling you which one). In this category, the item condition is required, therefore your listing is rejected. At the same time, GarageSale doesn’t allow you to set a condition, because it’s not supported in the original category.

Did you try to force a category update from the sprocket button in the panel where you select the categories?

Whoa! I thought I’d already answered this. Logged in to see if there were any insights, and I see I did not.

Yes, I did try to force the category update (though not until you posted it. )

No go.

This is crazy. It’s definitely antiquarian – from 1916 – and it shouldn’t be anywhere else.

Do you know of any workaround? Or will I simply have to post it in the wrong category just so it can auction?

Ebay’s definition of “antique” is 100 years. I have seen much newer books in that category, but mine is exactly 100 years old and shouldn’t be banned.

I’m not sure what yu mean by “post-900 books.” Please explain?

Sure, I suppose it is just a very different organization of categories. On all books that date after 1899 must (should) go in a separate category (1916 is considered old, not antique). But maybe on your eBay site it works in a different way…

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