Is it possible to display photographs above footer?

it is some days I have been looking into different available photos dispositions in template and I did not find what I was looking for.
Well, now I am using “2 photos on top and others below”, but in my opinion it does not make sense that photos go below the footer. It should stay at the bottom of description and photos above it… what do you think about this? Maybe it is possible to modify but I was not able to find the way… could you help me please?

Thank you

Hi Federico,

the footer field will always be displayed directly below the itm description.

However, there might be a way to display text below the images by using some special CSS code. Enter (only) the following code in the footer field and reload the preview afterwards:

<style>#gs-imageAreaBottom:after {content: 'insert your text here';}</style>

Replace insert your text here with your own text.

Regards, Kristian

Hello @kristian ,
thank you very much for your help!!
I have just tried but text disappeared at all :cry: I mean, it is like it disable the footer…

What design are you using?

Regards, Kristian

Hello @kristian,
it’s pro urban with some changes using codes you provided me to insert in footer…

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