Is it theoretically possible to add buyers to blocked bidders list from within GS?

Not sure if the ebay API exposes this. If not, can this be automated? I’m not too savvy with these things, but maybe someone has already made a script for this?

I did quick search, but it seems there is no eBay API that lets you put specific buyers on a specific block list.


I guess i’ll have to learn to write a script then. Shouldn’t be too hard appending a new text string to a file, then using the contents of that file to post to the corresponding HTML form.

I’ve been selling on ebay for 20 years and my blocked list is about 15 people and I add maybe 1 a year. I am not sure that this feature would be that necessary to build into GS. Are you blocking that many new buyers that this would be necessary?

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I’m VERY trigger happy and have an extremely low tolerance to BS, which buyers that are interested in what i’m selling just have a whole lot of.

Like i said, i’ll build a script for this on my own.

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I’ve considered this myself, and also have a low tolerance (especially for low-ball offers), but realized I tend to block people from messages (offers, questions, complaints) about 10x more often than I block bidders or non-paying winners. So you may want to work from the Messages view (the current message, for example) rather than from listings or customer lists.

Ah you mean extracting the name by Applescript? I have no problem typing out the name as a command line argument to a script, but of course selecting text and passing that onto a script via hotkey would be more elegant.

I thought just using a CSV as a central store, to which strings are appended to by a script, then the whole CSV is passed on to the form “BlockBidderLogin”.

Exactly. Or those guys that start asking questions that have been answered in the item description after they already bought it.

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Stop cursing or I will ask Ilja to block YOU!!

Steve Elliott, please stop threatening him. He is not cursing and you are interrupting the flow of the conversation.


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