Is the GS 7 auto-updater still not working for you? Please help us fix it

Have you been hit by the bug, where you see the “You are already running the latest version of GarageSale”-message, even though there was a new beta version of GarageSale 7 available?

If so, could you please spare a minute and take a look at the Console utility (it’s under /Application/Utilities). Do you see any output appearing from GarageSale, when you invoke the “Check for Updates” command from the GarageSale menu?

P.S. In case you are already running the MacOS Sierra Beta, there is an unrelated bug preventing your from installing the update, that we are already aware of.

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I’m using GarageSale 7 with Mac OS X 10.11.5. GarageSale’s Check for Updates function has never worked for me. I have to watch your support forum and download each update manually. I’ve just tried to get GarageSale 7b49 to check for updates and it’s not seeing GarageSale 7b50. I watched the Console as it checked and no messages were registered.

Thanks for getting back with us. Do you see the message that you are already using the newest version at least?

Are you perhaps running Little Snitch or a similar tool?

It’s a pleasure, Ilja. Yes, I get the you are already using the newest version message. No, I’m not running Little Snitch.

We changed something on our server, which might resolve this problem. Please let me know if you can see the next release of GarageSale 7 (which should be the final release) through the built-in updater.

The auto-updater now seems to be working, thank you. Great work.

Thanks for reporting. I’m glad this is finally fixed.