Issue importing listings from Garage Sale 6 to GS7

Hello, I’m having an issue with new purchase of Garage Sale 7. Here’s the problem:

I just bought the new Garage Sale, I install it and imported all my listings from GS 6. The process lasted many hours (I have 7000 ebay listings) but in the end a lot of my listings were not imported properly in the new GS 7.
GS7 gave me a report with a list all failed listings which was VERY long indeed! Now I am thinking to uninstall GS7 (how can I uninstall it?) and starting again avoiding importing all my listings during the first install, then export from GS 6 into GS 7 folder by folder. Is it correct or should I try again to import everything when the GS7 app gets started?

How can I uninstall GS 7 properly?
When I will run the GS 7 were will I find my new LICENSE (yesterday I bought the 20,00 euro Upgrade, since I had a registered GS 6 license already).

Thanks a lot for helping!
All the best

You can import your auctions from eBay. Under the file menu, look for import. You can then select a few missing auctions, import them to see how it goes. Maybe this will reveal why the auctions failed initially. It will take time importing from eBay but probably faster than starting all over.


thanks steve, but I need to uninstall GS7. I want a fresh start with no old listings. How can I proper uninstall GS7? will it affect my GS6 database too?



Delete the com.iwascoding.garagesale7 directory under Library/Containers in your home directory. If you don’t see a library folder, you have to make it visible from the Finder’s “View Options” command.

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