Issues loading a BIN listing. XML Error Text

I am trying to list a DVD box set and the following error is being returned each time I try to upload a BIN listing

Any ideas what this is? and how to remove the problem?

XML Error Text: “; nested exception is:
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The entity name must immediately follow the ‘&’ in the entity reference.”.

I fixed my own issue. This happens because I used an Ambersand & in the SKU field. Every day is a school day

I googled it and found this comment

I have experienced this error message too and it was caused by having ‘&’ in the attribute value. Eg Colour: Red & White. I replaced the ‘&’ with ‘/’ - Colour: Red/White and it worked fine.

worth a try?

I only just figured it out myself just now and you had the write answer. many thanks

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