Issues with GS7 - postage prevents listing

Hi there - trying desperately to list an item, but the launch control checks are saying, “you must select at least one non-collection in person delivery service for flat or calculated postage”. Seems self explanatory, except that I am only selecting collection in person for free as I do not want any delivery options made available. I have not selected ay flat or calculated postage options that I can see. Grateful for any help as Ive tried everything and its driving me nuts! This was imported from GS Scout if that makes any difference. Thanks

The issue you’re describing should already be fixed in the latest version of GarageSale 7 and GarageSale 8.
If you’re still using GarageSale 7, please make sure to download the latest version 7.0.21 from the Donwload website here:
(Scroll down a bit and click on the grey “Download Older Versions” field.)

Regards, Kristian

Lifesaver! Thanks Kristian… should have checked that…

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