Item Condition Required but Not Supported

I’m trying to list an item in the category “Collectibles > Comics > Manga” on

The editor indicates “Item Condition: Not Supported.”

But the preflight indicates “Item condition required.”

I have refreshed my token with eBay.

I’ve reloaded the categories within GarageSale.

I’ve quit GarageSale, deleted the categories directory, and restarted, forcing it to reload all categories.

I’m still stuck. What else can be done?

EDIT: Looking in the preflight there’s a message that the selected category is wrong and that GarageSale is changing the category. It doesn’t indicate what it’s changing it to. Is this the problem? Is there a way to override GarageSale changing the category? I’m listing manga in the manga category.

SOLUTION: Even though Manga can have an ISBN number, having that information forces it to the book category.

Actually that warning is generated by eBay, when they have moved a category to somewhere else, or merged two categories.

This is a problem with a lot of books; apparently somebody involved in the Catalog has decided that many science fiction and fantasy novels must be sold as “Textbook” items.

I’ve found that to fix this, you can delete the “Barcode” entry (in GarageSale), but leave the “Product Catalog” entry as it should be. This will avoid the automatic movement from what you’ve decided is the correct category, to the new one.

That is, it did until today’s update. I don’t know if that will still work today …

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