Item duplication causes crash

For me, still crashes while relisting (manually, not auto-relist). Already sent a video to @ilja some weeks ago, but now I saved also the crash report. I will send it too…

Is seems that many people are having different bugs. That is worrying. It may be that many users are having database integrity issues but without a lower level access to the database it is impossible to tell.

Hi David,

Like I said - Up until recently I haven’t had any issues like this one. For me - this issue just started this week. My breath is held and I’m turning blue from stubbornness - but I’m hoping that the devs come up with a fix for this so I don’t have to wipe my installation clean. Not that it’s no much backing up my files and dropping them back in - I just don’t want to deal with that this week.

i would be interested to hear if reloading the files fixes it. I have 12,000 entries so I do think that is a viable option for me.

Hi David,

I do have an update. For some reason it fixed itself. Hasn’t happened to me for a couple days.


If anybody is still getting crashes during duplication, please use this version from now on:

Hi ilja,

Mine stopped crashing while duplicating, but I get an error or some message that says “Garage Sale has stopped working” when I exit the software. I’m not near my machine and I’m kind of busy this week - but I can send you an error log this weekend if you instruct me how to do so. Will this new update fix what I’ve described. Thank you.

Hi mook,

do you really get such a message or is it just the “processes still running” panel that appears? If last, that’s the normal behaviour. If you don’t want to wait click on the “Quit now” button there.

Regards, Kristian

The latest version works OK for me.


Yes - I really really do. In fact, verbatim it reads “Problem Report for GarageSale - GarageSale unexpectedly quit, Would you like to send a report so that we can fix the problem?” each and every time I launch and every time I exit GS.

I do not have time for screen captures nor looking into this further this week as I have a 9 to 5. It’ll have to wait till the weekend. But if you would like for me to include error log data - let me know how to proceed - I’d be happy to forward it to you.

I do not see the problem that Mark sees. Mine opens and closes without any issues.

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