Item specific attributes bug

beta45 (tried only in this version) periodically not saving data in custom attributes fields for international sites ( for me).

open menu, add attribute from the list, add information, close dialog, move to new listing, returns back - no added attribute at all.

only possible way to operate with such listings now is to immediately revise/start them without moving or selecting a batch of listings. after operation is complete attribute will be stored.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into this.

i am having this issue also, attributes not saving, bulk edit attributes not saving, also not allowing listings where attributes are disabled

Can you give me a little more details:

  • What version of GarageSale are you using?
  • Is the bug tied to a specific category?

Can you please explain this one a little further?

hi ilja
using garage sale 7.0.5
the category is boat engines and motors
when editing attributes they don’t always save, and when bulk editing attributes they almost always don’t save

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