Item Specifics in Book Category

Since eBay updated the item specifics in the books category on eBay UK, GS is not working correctly when you list an item. It only offers you a drop down menu of Authors (mostly American so lots of UK authors missing) with no opportunity to add an author that is missing from the list. Scrolling down the list is time-consuming and frustrating especially when the author you want is not there!

Can you let me know when this will be fixed please as it’s a major pain.



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Hi Pat,

do you maybe just have to refresh the eBay categories?
Please see the attached screenshot. This is how it looks here. I can also add authors.

Regards, Kristianattributes

That’s what it looks like for me - I have refreshed the categories.

But I don’t seem to be able to add an author who is not on the list - and it takes ages to scroll down the list looking for the author you want - you can’t just type the first few letters and it comes up.

How are you adding an author??

You can simply double-click on the author’s name to edit the name and enter any name you want. (see attached screenshot)
To add a second author, simply click on the plus icon below the field.

That’s true, that’s not possible at the moment.

Regards, Kristian

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