Item Specifics Not Saving In GarageSale 8

What the title says. Incredibly annoying. Never experienced this issue in previous versions of GarageSale. Sometimes they save, sometimes they don’t. Can always get them to save after doing it multiple times but almost never on the first try. If it matters I’m experiencing this issue while making clothing listings. Please fix this.

Edit: Looks to only be an issue when using pre-made templates. Seems to not be an issue if i clear most of the template before starting.

Edit 2: Still is an issue at times when working from cleared templates

What version of GarageSale 8 are you using? Both GS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 already contained fixes for bugs in the attributes panel.

Can you create a screen video showing what triggers the issue, so we can try to reproduce? here you go. I am using Garage Sale 8.0.2

Can you export that template from the video and send it to me. I tried to re-create your scenario from the video, but couldn’t not reproduce the issue.

Also, where do you click the close specifics panel? The top of the video is cut off, so I cannot see where exactly you are clicking.

sent you a template, on the video i just clicked away from the panel to close it. Sometimes theres a tab at the top and i have to click the x to close it but i experience this issue regardless of how i close the panel

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When you tear off a popover to have stay on-screen when clicking elsewhere, you’ll get the close button.

So far I could only reproduce the issue where changes to the test field that has keyboard focus when clicking the red close button aren’t saved. Everything else seems to work fine.

Can you please check if the error is still reproducible with this version (8.0.3 Beta 5):

This issue is still occurring when using the 8.0.3 beta 5

Are you sure? I cannot reproduce with Beta 5. See attached video:


If you are doing something different, please post another video so I can try to reproduce again:

Also happening to me sometimes.

If you have found a way to reproduce this, please send in a screencast for us to recreate.

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