Items that the Development team is working on

Latest versions of OS and GS.

One of the problems I have with GS Development is that when items/bugs have been mentioned to you, the progress (if any) just disappears into a black hole. How about a monthly update to the group?

For example. these are some of the items/bugs that “I” have brought to your attention.

  1. Smart Groups logic is flawed e.g. SPACES and “Starting with” March 2017. Pretty useless if one cannot rely on the results returned. Does this rely on the same search function used in the “general search” dialogue box? it would be of concern if this was the case.

  2. Sorting in LHS pane of Smart Group selection. Probably posted before I realised the search itself was faulty.

  3. Ability to see shipping costs in Inspecktor with a second mouse click Sept 2016

  4. Duplicate more than one item - i.e. drop down box for the number to be created. Aug 2016

  5. Batch find and edit - Think this has been mentioned many times


We are right now focused on getting synching to work. You won’t see any new features added until that’s done.

Smart groups will never work with spaces, because alle white space characters are not indexed. That’s the way most full text index engines work and ours is designed to do so, too.

Can you me enlighten on this issue?

That’s on the To do list, but other stuff has higher priority.

Not gonna happen with this incarnation of the inspector. We are planning to move the Shipping part to its own tab in the Inspector for better bulk editing, which should bring this functionality back.

This is on our list, but has pretty low priority.

I’d like to see this in GarageSale, too. This will be one of the first things we’ll add once we have synching somewhat stable.

Thanks. Your comments are helpful and appreciated.

Regards David

Might I add syncing between two devices?

That’s what we are working on right now:

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