I've purchased through the Apple App store for Mac but now it says

my “trial” has expired. Does this mean I need to repurchase the software? Seems a bit odd having purchased it full price not long ago. I don’t have my license #, I don’t think you get one from Apple. I see you’ve decided against offering 7 in the App store.

If I must pay for the new version to access my templates and other information, is there any way I can use an older version and possibly repurchase the newer when I start selling again in more high volumes?

Hi Annette,

are you getting this “expired” message with GarageSale 7?
If so, you need an upgrade license if you want to continue using version 7.

Make sure that the GarageSale 6 version from the Mac App Store is installed on your system. It must have been started at least once. Next open GarageSale 7 and choose “Buy License…” from the “GarageSale” menu. It should offer you the upgrade option for just 19.99.

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If you want to stay with the old GS6 instead you maybe still find it on your hard drive (maybe in your Applications folder) and if not, you can re-download from the Mac App Store:
Open the MAS, log-in with the same AppleID and check the “Purchased” tab. There you should find GarageSale and your other apps that you purchased.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you, Kristian!! The popup comes up I just hit cancel ha so I didn’t see the discounted upgrade option. I have no problem buying software upgrades periodically (especially at a discount) so I’ll pick up 7 for $20. I just wanted to list a couple auctions and didn’t want to spend $50+ to do that. Thanks again!

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