JavaScript issues

  1. After getting a JavaScript error dialog the GarageSale app hangs, and I must Force Quit.

  2. How do I clear the Results pane of the Script Editor window after Running a script?


images, “The listing’s subtitle” —> “The listing’s images”
buyItNowPrice, “The price at wich” —> “The price at which”
userLayout —> useLayout


Thank you, I fixed these typos.

Regards, Kristian

Sorry, cannot reproduce this one. Is there something else I should try:
Screen Recording (GarageSale)

Hhhmmm… Strange. Happens every time for me. Happened several times. And I sent in several “crash reports” (which were the Force Quit during the hang" to Apple.

I’ll try to do a simple movie???


Well, now with 9.0b10 it seems to work better, most of the time… Doesn’t happen every time, but still sometimes. ARG!!

Here is a move of the hang. It hangs with a spinning beach ball after dismissing the error dialog box.

Will get a SpinDump next time it happens… DOH! Did send the crash (Force Quit) log to Apple…



Since some of the JavaScript properties are marked read/write, does that mean that I can actually write JavaScript to “modify” the values???

This is working GREAT!!

This is also working Great!!
I’m working on my comprehensive validateListing script, which I will post when finished.


Yes, you can modify the documented properties from your JavaScripts.


In function validateListing(listing):
imageIndex variable is not being incremented at bottom of the for loop.
"errors(“Image” should be "errors.push(“Image”


Thanks, will be corrected with the next release.

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