Just a few photo questions

New user here trying to get the work flow down.

I sell cell phones, so my best way to list it to just duplicate the closest thing I have in my completed auctions and just edit the photos and details.

First, when I duplicate, it always brings in the the old photos along with the stock photo (that we want to keep).
Right now, I’m having to delete each photo one by one, which is slow. I cannot ‘command select’ to choose all 10 photos at once to delete. Is there a quicker method ?

Second, when I add my new 10 photos, I only want them to show in the ebay gallery. I don’t need them to ALSO show up in my listing details below. Is there a way to prevent that ?


If you switch to Editor mode in the toolbar, you can select a single image, hit Cmd-A to select all images and hit the Delete key. You can also shift-click to select a certain range of images in edit mode.

You’d need to switch the layout option for the selected design to the “No Images” layout in the right hand column of the Design chooser.

What you can also do is holding down the shift key when invoking the “Duplicate” command. Images won’t be copied over then.
Find more tips & tricks in the FAQ #29:

Regards, Kristian

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