Keychain error after upgrading from Garagesale 7 to 8

I’m using a Macbook running 10.14.4

Upgraded from Garagesale 7 last fall, to 8 today.

Keep getting this keychain error, when trying to make a listing.

Seems like it’s looking for a new password for Garagesale 8, or can’t find my real password as it is looking in a directory for 7. See 2nd screenshot, the account lists garagesale 7 at the end.

In the lower part of the image above, I pasted in the same dialog box when I try to get the password to appear, with the “Access to this item is restricted” message.

What do I need to do to fix this so I can list things on eBay again?

Please check the advises in FAQ #14 here:

It shouldn’t be required to hassle with the Keychain Access in the first place. And if it is, the GarageSale7HockeySDK entry is not the one you need to alter.

Regards, Kristian

Solved, thank you. I did as FAQ #14 indicated.

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