Kudos to Garage Sale Pro

I have been asking for years to be able to use GS with two different computers and my iPad. I sneak in some listings at work via iPad and like to list more items on ebay in front of tv. Up until GS Pro came out, I quit trying to list on my iPad and I carried my iMac back and forth, up and down stairs to list while watching tv. Now I don’t have to move my computer back and forth. This alone is worth the price!

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Thank you!

It’s very good to hear that you can put the synch feature to good use! It took way longer than we expected (and still has some quirks in certain areas), but it seems to have been worth the effort.

Is the iPad version a full GS8 program or is it a scaled down version to run on an iPad?

There is no iPad version of GarageSale.

I’m doubtful that there’s enough demand to justify the effort to port our current Mac code to iOS. Our previous iOS versions of GarageSale never got a lot of traction, but maybe synching with GarageSale Pro might change that? :thinking:

I wondered what anicemess was referring to when they say they use their iPad?

It was a bunch of years ago, but I remember working with GS on my iPad. I was sneaking it in during work but I was having a hard time finding wifi back then. GS did not sync yet so anything I listed on the iPad was stuck there. I abandoned the idea after a while because having GS on two computers and a laptop was a logistical nightmare.

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