Labels for order section + phone number search + mark multiple items

I’ve been trying out garage sale, but it’s missing a few features which would really help my workflow. At this stage I don’t think I can make it work for me. Any chance these could be added for a future release, and I’ll be happy to buy when they are there:

1. Colour labels for items in the order list
Maybe I’m slightly unique, but many of my orders are custom made. My current workflow with orders is to ‘tick’ them off twice on an order sheet before they are sent. Once when their label/envelope is printed, and again when their order is manufactured and ready to ship. I’m trying to do away with the printed order sheet and put all that info into Garage Sale.

I think the best way to do this would be if the order list supported colour labels (like MacOS colour labels in the finder). So eg I could mark an order blue when the label is printed, then green when their order is made, then I can mark it as sent when it’s sent.

2. Search by phone number
The current search function doesn’t look at the phone number field. As I often message my customers to get info, it would be very helpful if I could search for their order by their phone number.

? 3. Mark multiple orders as sent
Finally, maybe I’m missing it, but is it possible to select multiple orders in the order list and mark them as sent in one go? Or do you need to manually check the box for each order? If it’s not possible, then this would be a very useful addition. For example, select multiple orders in the list then right-click and choose “mark as sent”. That would save a lot of excess clicking on items that are not tracked so don’t need a number entered.

A feature like that is on our to do list. We haven’t found time to come up with good technical design to implement it, that works well for smart groups and synching across Macs.

Sorry, but for reason I cannot recall, GarageSale’s internal full text search engine ignores numbers. That’s why phone number won’t make it into the search index, and therefore cannot be searched for.

Unfortunately you are right. How about us adding menu items to the menu bar, that lets you change the various order related states (paid, shipped) for all selected orders at once?

Thanks for getting back.

Would be great if you could get a solution for the labels and get the search engine to look at numbers (it seems to work for my tracking numbers, but they have a single letter in them as well as numbers).

Menu item for marking multiple items sent would be fine.

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