Lack information in order section

I noticed that if I set a discount/charge through ebay invoice, this amount is not displayed anywhere in GS. You should add it somewhere!!

I second this comment. The possibility to advertise a discount will be appreciated.

Noted, but not sure if it is possible to access that information through eBay’s API.

How did you give the discount to the buyer?

Hi @ilja,
through the ebay invoice panel, just under the shipping methods, you can add a discount/charge that will subtract/add to the total. In my opinion it is not necessary to charge/discount through GS, but it is absolutely necessary that GS shows it! Also because if I start using grandtotal in version 8 and GS does not show this info, invoice created from GS will lack this info. So it is very important… as some other thing (like customer’s phone number :innocent: )…

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