Larger drop down window for SKU in Preview/Editor Mode

Just started to use SKU instead of an excel document to track inventory.

The hard part with applying SKU’s to a Listing in Preview Mode or Editor Mode is selecting the correct SKU. Since the box is only about 20 Characters the Inventory Title/SKU is cut down for these windows.

I use Manufacturer Name, Manufacturer Part Number. That is always over the size limit. I end up having to abbreviate the Title or use some type of code that I must remember when adding to a Listing in Preview/Editor. I don’t like using a different Title and SKU name for an inventory item. I know that can resolve some of my problems with this, but that just means I have 3 different names of an item (Listing Title, Inventory SKU & Title).

It seems they are deep into version 8 at this point, but if you would please consider adjusting the size of the box in Preview/Editor Mode that would really help me out.

While I’m at the dreaming of ideas…
Adding a Check Box to apply the SKU’s Photos to a listing may be helpful (I don’t add photos to an inventory items because of this automatic photo placement). Or checkbox to apply the inventory items Price, Description (I know you can add inventory description into a listing)… I am beginning to think/use “Inventory” as more of a data Template, and Preview/Editor Mode more of a Layout. At least that’s how It works for me, even better if inventory included Category and Item Specifics!

Thank You

Roughly, how many characters do you use in your SKUs?

Average seems to be 27 characters (for about 40 inventory items so far). Min is 16, Max is 47. Im only using Manufacturer Name & Part #, but since I’m selling machine parts and manufacturing equipment the part numbers can be very long. Some of the part numbers are only off by 1 digit from one item to another.

One easy change may be to make the right side Inspector user expandable instead of a fixed width and allow the SKU box adjust width along with it.

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