Leave Feedback in Orders List Out of Control

Something weird just happened in 26 and 27. Orders flag all of a sudden showed a very high number of unread. In the past these have been deleted and trash erased. I have the same matching auctions shown in leave feedback. I have no feedback that has to be left. I erased them all again, erased the trash again and in a few minutes they all showed up again. Lots of beach ball as they appeared in groups. After it finished, I’m not hung up or anything, but this keeps happening. Is eBay pushing stuff they shouldn’t.?


Follow up. I went thru each line and resubmitted feedback, then erased the order. Before I could finish, all came back again. Big list of unwanted orders and list of feedback to leave.


GarageSale 7 doesn’t keep a list of deleted orders (yet). When you locally delete an order, GarageSale will re-import it next time it talks to eBay.

We’ll fix this with one of the next releases.

OK Thanks. You guys are awesome!!