Links to MP3 files no longer exist on eBay

After doing everything right to comply with the new rules about external links, I listed a whole lot of records with soundclips as buy it now good 'til cancelled listings. The listings are still running, but the links are no longer there. Where I created the text to be something like “Click HERE to hear the song”, now there is no way to click on anything anymore. Additionally, it never was like a “normal” link. The cursor never changed to the link picture when it hovered over the link – you just had to click anyway and it would work. But now nothing…???

Links to external website are no longer allowed (apart from links to YouTube etc.) so maybe eBay just removed it from your listing description?

Regards, Kristian

OK so what is going on is BIZARRE. eBay has not removed anything. Some of the links work, some do not. If they don’t work, and you sign out of eBay, THEN THEY WORK??? Glad to know GS isn’t the only thing with glitches…!

Could you post a link to your listing so we can have a look at it?

This might have to do with your browser or browser extensions, too.

Regards, Kristian

I have also just started having links flagged on eBay. I think they’ve finally started enforcing their stricter rules (since September 2017), prohibiting anything except links to eBay or video demos.

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