Listing crash when trying to re-list item with newest update

After updating to the newest iteration of GS7, (Beta 15) 735, I tried to list an item that I listed about a week ago with no problems. However, this time, when I listed it, I’m getting the following errors:
Java Script not allowed
Your listing cannot contain javascript (".cookie", “cookie(”. “replace(”, IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href. Also, from the original listing, the shipping charges are no longer correct, and the error “you are not opted into business policies” is now once again there.

Your post’s title suggests that GarageSale is crashing when re-listing, but you are writing about an error returned by eBay. Am I missing something here?

No, Garage Sale isn¹t crashing, it¹s just that those ³errors² were coming up
after updating to the newest beta of GS7, while in the older version, they
didn¹t. I would suspect it¹s possibly a user error (mine), however, any
help to prevent this from happening again would be most appreciated. I
don¹t understand where the Java problem is coming from, and why the ³old²
information for Package size, weight, etc didn¹t come across either.
Thanks for trying.

Can please you export your listing, compress into a .zip file and post here for investigation?

Here is the listing, it has since closed, and I’m not sure if this will
help. I finally “gave up”, and listed it with the GS6 , then imported that
into GS7, and the item sold very quickly. However, here is the listing that
I have now, and when I try to “verify” it, the verification shows the last
item that I looked at, another listing. Sorry, I can’t be more help, but to
perhaps help further, (and probably further verify that it was “user error”)
I created, and listed another item with absolutely no hitches at all.
Baker Fitbit (1.94 MB)