Listing errors. GS sas didnt list, Ebay says listed

have struck a funny problem… First time in all my years.

GS6 says there was a error trying to list 2 items to ebay, and to try a again later.

problem is, when I go to my ebay page, the items were listed…

may be Ok, but what happens if they sell. I wont get notified while I have GS open… and will constantly have to keep an eye on the ebay page.

is there any way to mark them as having been listed on ebay…?


Hello Sandy,
as already mentioned months ago, I am experiencing the same problem but on GS7. I have about a dozen listings every months that are marked as “not relisted” for some error. However, when I try to manually relist them, the launch control says me that actually there is still an identical active listing. The problem is exactly like yours, in my ebay I have those listings active, but are not in my GS. There is only one thing to do: go to your ebay and close them manually, then list. them again from GS. This is (I suppose) the only solution, although time consuming…

Hi Sandy,

please ignore fedege’s comment. His issue in GS7 has nothing to do with your issue in GS6 you’re describing.
Let me try to help you:

  1. Please let me know which version of GarageSale 6 you have installed. (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)
  2. It seems that eBay send an error when you tried to start the auction but then proceed the start process anyway.
  3. In the left sidebar below the AUCTIONS section do you find the running auctions in question there?
    If not, please select “update auction states” from the Auction menu.
  4. Once you find them in the AUCTIONS section switch to corresponding auction templates and open the Inspector > Auctions. Next drag the corresponding auction from the AUCTIONS section into this Inspector window to “re-link” the auction template with the auction. Sounds confusing, please see the old GS6 help here:

Regards, Kristian

Hi, using version 6.9.8. will try and do what you say… though very confusing. I ALWAYS do an auction verification of my listings first before I list, and no problems reported there.
the only thing different this time around is that I am now on NBN Fibre broadband. many times faster than the old broadband, and I wonder if that may be an ebay sort of time-out error.?

regards, Sandy

Hi, I think I had something similar ages ago, when I found double listings, but I dont remember getting error messages… years ago. but closing them on ebay, left me with the listing costs which I did not get back. while my present listing are costing me 6 cents a book, due to a ebay promotion at present… I have a few thousand still to go.
… regards, Sandy

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