Listing Issues GS7b12


Upon attempting to list an item again, I was prompted by GS7 with the following:
“Some of the selected listings have already been started. Do you want to duplicate these listings and list the copies”

The listings already ended and I just want to list them again as new. I used to be able to do this in GS6 without issues. New listing show as new and have new listing IDs, I don’t like re-listing at all.

Help! please.

Thank you.

Moreover, the status of listed (the ebay icon looks gray instead of clear with dotted lines) didn’t go away after the previously listed auctions ended.

I believe this is GS7 beta 12 things that my items are still listed, how do remove the listed status.

That’s the expected behavior in GS 7. You can only launch each listings once. Otherwise you would lose the fees from a prior start.

So, you can either hit “Start” and an already started listing, and GarageSale can duplicate the listing and start it for you (which comes pretty close to the GS 6) behavior, or you can use the Re-list functionality.

We did this, because we want to support other marketplace besides in eBay in the future, and a listing that ends after a few days is pretty specific to eBay.

Can you please post a screenshot and possibly the eBay item ID of the shown listing? Thanks.


Thank you for the response.
I think you answer my question, I now understand why you guys are doing it.
The duplicate feature works well, I was just caught of guard during re-listing. Old habits don’t go away right away.

I agree with the change, I will read the list of changes GS7 from GS6 again, I probably missed that during my first comparison.

Thanks a lot and keep on improving.

So, to be clear, every time I want to “re-list” and ended auction, GarageSale7 will duplicate that ended listing and start that version - leaving 2 versions of the same auction ( 1 ended and 1 newly started)? Then I have to manually delete the previously ended auction so I don’t have a bunch of duplicates? That doesn’t make much sense to me… I hate it :frowning:

LOL, old topic.

I think Ilja explain the reason for it. I kind of like it and I got used to it.

I use that feature to back up my listings and keep duplicate copies in a separate group in-case things go wrong.
It’s double the work to maintain the list I find it worth my time.

Good luck having that change, there will be opposition to it now.

I guess I just don’t understand the reason given? If you use the start auction option instead of re-list eBay will recognize this as a completely new listing (not a re-list) and therefore you will lose any previous “watchers” right?

If there was a prompt box that asked if you wanted to automatically delete the duplicates after re-listing like it does when using the start auction option, that would be good enough for me. Just as long as I don’t have to manually delete every single duplicate after every re-list… so tedious on 1000+ listings :slight_smile: Maybe you have found an easy work around that I haven’t thought of…??

I see, we have an option in place for automatically moving the original listing to the trash when starting auctions. I’ll scratch my head how we can add a similar option for re-listing.