Listing Speed Issue

I just upgraded my internet service to 1GB Fiber and was hoping to see an increase in speed when listing items (2-3 second pause between listings). We presently list between 10,000 and 15,000 items per month. I am wondering where the problem might be - in GarageSale’s coding - in eBay due to a limitation of how fast it can accept data? We use the newest Apple computer: iMac 2017; 32Mb memory; 4.2GHz processor; 1TB Flash Storage; so I doubt the computer is the issue.

Long time GS user - 25,000+ items - GS Version: 7.0.11 (822)

The performance you are currently seeing is cause by several factors:

  • 2-3 seconds is probably the best listing speed you can get from eBay’s servers using a single connection
  • GarageSale 7 only uses a single connection when uploading, because:
    • the code inside Garagesale is much easier to get correct this way
    • when using multiple connections, the order the listing is started might is not be the one you selected in GarageSale, which was a key complaint in GarageSale 6
    • we figured it was fast enough for all users

If there’s enough demand, we could re-implemented multiple upload connections as an advanced option. User would need to choose between correct listing order or maximum upload speed when listing.

Thanks for the quick response. In my case, I cannot think of a single instance where it would matter the order in which my listings are uploaded. Furthermore, I would think all high volume listers would welcome this change. BTW- Does any of this apply to the verification phase and listing updating as well. i.e. are these areas speed restricted due to a procedural consideration?
Thanks for all your help,

I can think of a number of ways the order would be quite relevant but in saying that the option of one or the other would be useful. I don’t have a listing speed problem.

Well, one BIG advantage of GS7 versus GS6 is that the upload process is now done in the background, so you are able to continue working on creating new listings while others upload to eBay. That is a very welcome improvement.

Yes. It is a very evident and very welcome to boot.

I’ll put that option on our to do list.

Verification is pretty much driven by the same code, so we’ll look into this, too.

Listing updating is quite different. I’m not sure GarageSale would stay usable if we’d use multiple connection for downloading listing and order state.

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