Listing text doesn't match template formatting

I noticed before on my pc laptop that san serif fomatted text was showing up as serif, but thought that was just a compatibility issue… I just looked at auctions I uploaded yesterday on the same computer (iMac) and half of the text matches, the other does not.

I have the description and a measurement/detail block formatted same font, but different sizes. The description is serif now, but the meausurement/detail block is fine.


Can you post a link to this listing on eBay?

Should have thought of that! :smile:
Chanel Earrings

? haven’t heard anything back… you guys are usually very prompt - please advise?

What font are you using in your listing for that section?

For sans-serif type I suggest you use Helvetica or Arial.

Hi scout,

I had a look at your listing, too.
For the section “Chanel gripoix glass” you specified this font: “HelveticaNeue-Medium”.
This font is included in Mac OS X but it seems it is not included in Windows.

You should only use fonts which are avilable on both Systems or use “fallbacks”.
The easiest for you might be to select the text in question and then select a font from the Font menu or format toolbar in GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

I understand, kind of… But this is all on one machine, a mac.
WISYWG, they look the same on my machine - until you look at the auction…

Can I rely on this table to select text?


Yes, that table is a bit old but the listed fonts should work fine on both systems.

Hint: Use the Font menu in the format toolbar. It is limited to fonts available on both systems.

Regards, Kristian

thanks kristian
I’m not at my computer but my confusion is that there are many fonts in the menu… But it’s not clear at all they represent.‘web universal’ fonts

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I am referring to Font menu in the format toolbar in the GarageSale Preview. There’re only 10 fonts inside.

Regards, Kristian

Hi - I wanted to go ahead an install my second copy of GS on my laptop and
was wondering if there is an option to download a version of 6.9.5 that
isn’t a beta?

Hi scouthouse,

the download link for GarageSale 6.9.7 (the latest final version) should still work fine:

However, the beta version of GarageSale 6.9.8 seems to be very stable already.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks so much!

The two can’t be synced, by any chance? I wanted to be able to show my
client his current auctions on my laptop.

A sync option does not exist in GarageSale 6 but you could:

a) use the Network Sharing feature to transfer your auction templates:

or b) move your whole GarageSale database from the one to the other Mac. Please see the very last entry in the FAQ here:

Regards, Kristian