Listing violation error

Hi - I’m getting an error "LISTING VIOLATION " - so I’m reading that I need update of 7.0.9

I’m using 7.0.2 – so I go to the download link :

and all I get is a gateway error. I try the ‘update’ button on GS and it does nothing, says I’m up to date. It says 7.0.9 works with 10.10 - which I’m using… 10.10.5 to be exact… How do I grab that software so I can try this again … this is my last ditch attempt to keep GS working on my computer.


GarageSale 7 is a very old, unsupported version. Your version is even older than the latest release of this version. You may try the following version, the latest release of GarageSale 7. But we generally recommend to use the latest version (GarageSale 8 or 9).


I have software that is 30 years old that works. Not a great excuse but we get the scheme.

Yes, but this software does not connect to a third party online platform I guess. We have to keep up with the changes that eBay introduced in the last couple of decades and I know for sure that you will not find any 30 years old eBay client that still works.


Yes I overstand the concept. Appreciate your efforts.

Paul is correct. Ebay make so many changes (often without notice) that it must be difficult just to keep the current version running.

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Yep - they all make unnecessary changes… most of them are ‘back door’ infrastructure under the guise of ‘security’ for the user but that has been proven not the case. Slowly eroding the functionality of an application which in 2022 should work seamlessly but does not due to planned obsolescence and intentional chaos and bloated code which obscures some of these factors I speak of… There is still good heart programmers and developers out there…but I know some deep in the Valley and they are given directives that make no sense to them, essentially many developers destroying the framework of functionality. Seems like a mix going on around these parts. Some of us are paying attention. Cheers.

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